What to Do When Your Life Insurance Policy is Missing

Having a life insurance can be a protection that you can give to your loved ones in the future if they are the chosen beneficiaries. But it can also be good to know if you have become a beneficiary of one of your relatives of family members. But there can be a problem in a situation where your relative dies and then you found out that you are one of the beneficiaries but the insurance policy is missing! Don’t panic because there are ways on how you can still claim your benefits even when the policy is lost.

Finding the life insurance policy in the future will still entitle you of the benefits that the insurance policy can give. There are many ways on how you can get the benefits when the insurance policy is nowhere to be found.

First, you have to look through the checks that have been canceled or you can also go to the bank where your relative policyholder draws his or her checks. Make a request asking for the old checks drawn by the policyholder and find out if there are some drawn for the insurance company. Next, you can ask the lawyer of your relative or the insurance agent and the accountant that may give you the ample information that you need. Another thing to do is to call the boss of your relative in a company where he worked and ask if they ever purchased a group life insurance for the workers of the company.

Whole Life Insurance Policy Explained in Today’s Economy

Those who are looking at buying whole life insurance policies need to first understand the finer nuances of what constitutes a good coverage plan, but this comes after determining their personal situation in regards to financial needs of the full family.

As in the case of life insurance, policyholders buy just the required amount of coverage they feel may be needed to meet their family’s financial needs in the event of their death, but since there is term as well as whole-life insurance plans – besides many other types of policies available today, a buyer can well be confused about which policy suits him or her best. This is why the aware shopper needs to get the chosen coverage plan be it whole-life insurance policy or even a term policy, explained by a professional.

For some persons, depending on their other financial commitments (e.g. a home loan for a fixed period or children’s college educational loans to cover), a term insurance policy, which is cheaper and gives adequate coverage may be the best option. But, for many others, whole life insurance plans offer wider coverage with just a little more stretching of finances for paying higher premiums, so this works better, giving them peace of mind that their family (beneficiary) won’t suffer any financial burdens upon the policy holder’s death, but receive more than average death benefits from the insurer.

This is the main reason why people are keen on paying a little more on a whole life insurance policy, which is for a longer term but can be paid out no matter when the policy holder dies and beneficiaries named by him or her get to receive the proceeds directly from the insurance company. A whole life insurance policyholder is also required to designate an owner for the policy besides choosing one or more beneficiaries when signing up for the plan.

With higher premiums at stake and a lot more benefits than a policy, the whole life plan is a financial protection tool that should be shopped with more care and thus, it makes good sense to research various insurance companies, features offered by them and their T & C regarding coverage. This is because rates vary from company to company even though most insurers are offering the same coverage, so it is smart to try and figure out how much coverage is required, get quotes from several companies (thank goodness for the internet, which makes this task easy and fast) and then select the best deal from a list of potential providers, giving best coverage at affordable rates.

The above approach – online researching for best providers, policy features and rate differences allows buyers to save a pretty penny on their purchase and is recommended by experts as the ideal way to shop for an effective financial product like whole life insurance policies.

Insurance can be regarded as an arrangement between an individual or group of persons or a company with a particular kind of company called an insurance company in which the insurance company gives financial protection against loss or harm such as illness or theft.

This service is not free but is given at a cost. A form of payment known as premium is paid by whoever is taking the insurance policy to the insurance company. A premium is the payment made to the insurance company in other to obtain the insurance coverage bought.

Insurance provides financial protection against a loss arising out of happening of uncertain event. Insurance works on the basic principle of risk-sharing. A great advantage of insurance is that it spreads the risk of a few people over a large group of people exposed to risk of similar type.

All insurance policies cost money and there are so many of them to choose from. It is very advisable to read a policy carefully and make sure that the terms and conditions are well understood as well as the coverage and costs before buying it. Until you are sure and comfortable with the coverage and until you are also sure that you need it, do not sign on the dotted line.

The uncertainty of what will happen tomorrow is one of the few certainties of life. To guard against this, we have to consider what could happen tomorrow and the subsequent consequences. As a result of this, the need for insurance is very critical to each and every one of us.